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About Rock Solid Martial Arts
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Meet Penny Simpson

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Rock Solid Martial Arts in Bellingham
2nd Degree Black Belt

Who We Are

Rock Solid Martial Arts is Fairhaven's premier martial arts facility for men, women, children and families of all ages. We are a full-time, professional facility with certified and qualified Black Belt Instructors. Our mission is to help you improve the quality of your life through high-quality martial arts training.

Rock Solid Martial Arts was established in 2015 and has nationally recognized programs. We specialize in Kids Martial Arts, Adult Practical Personal Self Defense, and Fitness Kickboxing. Whether you are a serious competitor or just in it for the fun and fitness, we have a life-enhancing program for you.

Our team believes that anyone can achieve their goals in any of our programs while having a lot of fun doing so. No matter what skills, abilities and fitness level you are right now, we assure you that you'll be addressed with common courtesy and recognition. We strive for our student's happiness and do everything in our power to make sure that you are learning new skills, always progressing, and having a good time.

Students acquire many different skills and feel a sense of accomplishment while training here. The support you’ll get from the instructors and students alike is amazing and will motivate you to always do your best and want to accomplish more. The smiles, high fives and fist bumps are endless and are a constant reminder of the “family” you’re a part of at Rock Solid Martial Arts.

We are focused on providing you with the highest quality training available and are proud to say that we offer a positive learning environment in which people of any age can benefit from.

Are you new to martial arts? We want everyone, especially beginners, to feel comfortable and learn martial arts with zero nervousness or pressure of any kind. Everyone was once in your “beginner” shoes at some point so we understand if you’re a bit nervous about starting or wondering if you’ll be able to keep up. We’ll work with you at your level and guide you every step of the way so there’s nothing to worry about, we promise.  

We think you’ll LOVE what all those high kicks and powerful punches do for your body, mind, and spirit! You’ll get…

  • A fantastic workout, strong core and a lean body
  • A ton of focus, confidence & endurance
  • Much greater self-control and discipline
  • Reduced stress, worry and anxiety
  • A “can do” attitude and excellent follow through skills

Want to know what the BEST part is? It’s super fun, life-changing, and your kids will have an awesome circle of friends with similar interests! Pretty cool, huh?

You’d think that martial arts training would cost a fortune… and it probably does at other schools, but not at Rock Solid Martial Arts. We like to say that we provide “affordable excellence” with PRICELESS benefits.

Check out the SUPER-LOW web special going on right now… but for a Limited Time Only! Classes fill up fast because it’s such an awesome deal, so reserve your spot today!

People choose to train here because we provide a non-intimidating, safe, clean environment which allows an individual to get the most out of our programs. Our training programs are comprehensive and balanced and offer students the ability to learn technique, strength, confidence, and self-defense.

Your child will develop better awareness skills and will be able to spot a potential bully a mile away. They’ll know what to do to get themselves out of a sticky situation and will be well prepared and confident to handle any bully of any size, if it comes down to it.

Adults feel energized and empowered with martial arts skills in their personal and professional lives. They love the peace of mind they get knowing that they can protect themselves and their loved ones, if necessary.

Our staff is well qualified and experienced. They love teaching martial arts and it shows in every class. Individuals that become part of our training program will have the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest masters in the field.

Come see what we’re all about and take advantage of the best prices, the most amazing instructors, and have the most fun you’ve EVER had getting fit! See you soon!  

Head Instructors

Penny Simpson is the co-owner and Master Instructor. She is a 2nd Degree Black Belt with 20+ years of martial arts training and coaching experience.

Her Martial Arts & tactical experience includes Rock Solid Kenpo (Practical Personal Defense System), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Fitness Kickboxing.

Tanner Simpson is the co-owner and Instructor at Rock Solid Martial Arts. He is a 1st Degree Black Belt with 14+ years of martial arts training and coaching experience.

His Martial Arts & competition experience includes Rock Solid Kenpo (Practical Personal Defense System), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Hyper (Sport Martial Arts).

Tanner currently holds a Nation Black Belt League World Champion Title and is a member of the National Black Belt League Hall of Fame.

How to Get Started

Come join our Bellingham, WA Martial Arts facility! We offer programs in Kids Martial Arts, Teen Martial Arts, Fitness Kickboxing, Self Defense, and Birthday Parties. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (360) 510-3929 if you have any further questions. Rock Solid Martial Arts hopes to speak with you soon!

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